The Ryan Home Project

The Ryan Home Project… A movement to provide housing to homeless students in MSAD 60.

Did you know? MSAD 60 sees an average of 25 students per year who are considered homeless, K-12. Typically 9 or 10 of those students are at the 8-12 level… and these are the ones that are self reporting… many many more don’t share their situations until much later.

These older students are living in unstable housing situations- doubled up, couch surfing, sometimes shelter situations. Many of these students are experiencing high anxiety and often it results in poor grades due to their living situations.

These students are able to be supported by the district through the McKenny Vento Act (The federal homeless education act) which can provide services and support, but not a stable living environment.

The Ryan Home Project seeks to provide a home for these students so that they may have equal footing and continue their education.